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Why Is He Acting Distant All of a Sudden?


When you are in a relationship, you expect to share everything with your partner. You want to talk about how your day went and see what he is up to that evening. When he suddenly starts to act distant, it is confusing. You are uncertain if he wants to break up or is just distracted for some reason. What could possibly be going on?

There are some men who are just emotionally unavailable. You cannot get to know him by just asking him questions because his responses are rarely revealing. While this is sometimes the reason, but it can also be caused

1. He Wants to Break Up

This is probably the first thing that you assume when he is acting distant all of a sudden. It is especially worrying if he is normally open to you and discusses everything. Suddenly, it seems impossible to get him on the phone. When you hang out, it is with groups of friends where you can’t ask a question. Even when you are alone together, it seems like the phone or television is distracting him from actually focusing on you.

While it is not true in every case, there are certainly times when a guy is distant because he wants to end the relationship. If he wants to break up, he may still be debating how to do it or if he should do it. He may feel drawn to the comfort of being in the relationship and not want to end it without another option. If he is suddenly distant and there is no obvious reason for it, it is certainly possible that he is rethinking his relationship status.

2. He Is Emotionally Unavailable

You should not assume that he wants to break up if he is always distant. If this is just how he is, it could be his personality. When a guy is emotionally unavailable, he might not even realize it. He may have been hurt in the past, and he never realized that he was unable to get over his last relationships completely. Or, he could just be the type of guy who has problems revealing his true nature. You can get to know his feelings by his actions, but you will never know his inner thoughts by what he says.

3. He Is Distracted

Life is not always easy. You have an amazing job, but suddenly a new boss adds constant stress to your work day. Or, your parent gets sick and you are worried about how they are doing. There are many things that can distract you or stress you out. Your boyfriend is the same way. There might be something at work, at home or at school that is dividing his attention. While he wants to give his all to the relationship, he just cannot do that right now. Even when he is with you, he is thinking about something else.

If this is the reason why he is distant all of a sudden, it is probably nothing that you should worry about. It most likely means that he just needs some time and space to deal with the problem. Let him have the space he needs to deal with it. If he needs someone to talk to, be there to listen. When your relationship is just starting out, he may feel uncomfortable leaning on you for too much help. If he does reach out, be there to support him and show that you care.

4. You Are Suffocating Him

While being distant all of a sudden could mean a potential break up, it could also point to an underlying problem in the relationship. When a guy feels suffocated, he naturally wants to have some space. Most likely, you did not realize you were suffocating him and you would have given him space if you knew about the problem.

When you are first dating someone, you want to be around them all the time. You want to do everything together. Over time, this level of attention can feel suffocating. One or both of you starts to remember what it was like to be single and free. You still love being in the relationship, but you realize that you need some space to just be yourself.

All of these feelings are entirely natural to have. It is not a negative reflection on you or the relationship. Over time, relationships naturally change and develop. You both learn what you want and how you can change your interactions with each other. He might just need some of his own time to relax, do a hobby or hang out with friends. Relationships need balance to work, and he might be realizing that he needs a better balance in his life.

While it might be just because of a need for balance, there is also a slight chance that he could view you as too needy or clingy. If you are constantly calling him or demanding to know where he is, then this could be the reason for his distance. He may fear getting trapped and losing his freedom, so just give him the space he needs to relax. Otherwise, he will instinctively try to pull away from you.

5. He Is Doubting the Relationship

Unfortunately, this is another reason for his behavior. He could be doubting the relationship. This does not mean that you are not amazing or an extremely good girlfriend. He might not be ready ofr a serious relationship, or he may be uncertain if you are someone he could spend his life with. It is entirely possible for two people to be amazing people without being soul mates. It is only natural that someone would think seriously about their partner as the relationship becomes serious. Relationships take a large portion of your time, focus and effort. You have to make sure that the person you are with is the one. This is another reason where giving him space and remaining an awesome girlfriend is your best course of action.


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