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Why Is He Ignoring My Texts All Of A Sudden?


So you met a cute! Great! You guys were vibing and then you started texting. The texting was good, but now…? Now the texts have went from all day, every day to almost non-existent. That has to be one of the worst feelings… Like ever! Right? We know, girl, we know. We have all definitely been there. We are texting a cute new boo and the BAM- He’s gone. You start getting left on read or totally blown off each time that you get the guts to send him a DM. Now you aren’t sure what to do. Should you keep trying? Should you let it go altogether? Why is he ignoring your texts all of a sudden in the first place? All in all: What the heck is going on here? Well, we can understand why you would be confused. We were too when it happened to us. But that is exactly why we are writing this for you today. We are going to let you know all of the reasons we could find to explain why he would stop texting you so abruptly. We’ve got your back on this! Keep reading to find the clarity that you have been searching for, ‘cause we have it right here for you.

why is he ignoring me now i thought he liked me

The Reasons

He Lost His Phone

Okay, we know this would totally sound like a made up excuse coming out of his mouth, but just give it some thought. This could actually have happened! We don’t know how often this happens, but it does! However, there would be a good chance that he would look you up on social media if he could. So this might only be a good option to consider if your new boo does not have a knack for social media.

He Lost Your Number

It could be that he accidentally deleted your text message from his phone, but didn’t have you saved as a contact. This happens to us all of the time! This is most likely truer if you have only really known each other a short amount of time. He might not have thought about saving you as a contact just yet. We know this would be a crazy reason, but it is not totally unreasonable!

He Has A Girlfriend

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Sadly sometimes guys text us when they are already entertaining someone else. Your guy might actually have a girlfriend, but he felt it would be fun to also be texting other girls. So he might have stopped texting you suddenly because he got caught texting you in the first place. Or he might have started to feel guilty and finally decided to put an end to it.

He Got A Girlfriend

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So maybe he did not already have a girlfriend, but there is a possibility that he might have scooped one up now. This is common when you are not seeing someone exclusively. You may not have been aware of the fact that he was talking to more than just you. He could have been testing the waters with many different women to see which one was a better fit. Unfortunately, you were just not the woman he wanted to end up with. But now that he has a girlfriend, he is going to stop messaging you. Sad stuff, but you’re better off without him anyways!

He Was Using You

You might see a guy stop texting you all of a sudden if he can no longer get what he wants. As in, you two may have been having sex previously or at least fooling around. Or it could be that you were going on dates or paying for his stuff. Did you recently put a hold on anything like that? If so, this might be the reason that he stopped texting you all of a sudden. He might have only been talking with you because he is not getting what he wants anymore from you. Or it could be that he found someone else to get those things out of. He might have found someone else to be intimate with or buy him things. And now he has simply moved on.

He Lost Interest

Things might have been going great on your end, but on his end… Things weren’t looking too bright. He might have gotten to know you and just decided that you weren’t someone that he wanted to pursue any longer. This is normal when you haven’t known each other for that long. This is typical when it comes to casual dating. Don’t take it too hard. It does not mean that there was anything wrong with you. You just weren’t compatible in his eyes.

He Found A New Girl To Text

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He was just using you as a filler. Now he is ignoring your texts, because he finally found someone that he is actually interested in. Sometimes guys will only text or flirt with you because they are bored. They don’t actually have any intentions of pursuing you or trying to date you. They just need someone to entertain them while they are bored or in between girls.

He Got Scared

So maybe you were texting and/or seeing each other for a long time. Things were going great. You two seem to be perfect for each other. But where did it all go wrong? Why did start ignoring your texts all of a sudden? Sometimes when things are going too well, people get scared. This tends to happen when they harbor some sort of issues with commitment. He might have been scared that things were getting more and more serious and now he has decided to back off. He has decided to walk away.

He Is Just Really Busy

why is he avoiding me all of a sudden

There is a slight possibility that he has just been super busy lately. He might know you are texting him and doesn’t mean to ignore you, but he has other things going on. He may be dealing with some work related stuff or family issues. He might still get back to you when he has the chance! Give it some time!


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