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Why Is She Ignoring You?


Man, one of the worst feelings in the world is when you get blown off by someone, don’t you agree? That’s probably why you have stumbled across this article, because you are looking for answers as to why the girl you totally like is ignoring you completely. Well, before you jump to any conclusions, let us take you through the plethora of reasons why she might not have gotten back to you just yet. Not every one of them means that she doesn’t like you back or that she doesn’t have interest in getting to know you further.

So what are these reasons? Take a peek below to find out. 

Reason #1: She Has A Job

Shocker, we know, but some lovely ladies out there actually have to work to pay rent and, well, to eat. You might not have gone over this before, but a lot of the time when someone isn’t returning your calls or text they are simply busy with work.

Ask yourself if the two of you have discussed what she does for a living before. If you have, then think about whether or not her job might be interfering with her down time. She might just be overloaded with a ton of paperwork or gotten hung up at the office late. Although some do, most companies don’t allow people to have their phones on them while they are working.

Give it some time before you jump on the whole ‘she hates me’ bandwagon. You might want to wait a full 12 hours and then make that assumption, because she might just be at work. You could even consider that her phone has died while she was on the job, therefore making it extra long until she is able to see any texts or calls that she has received.

Reason #2: Her Phone Isn’t Working

Speaking of phones being dead, we might want to mull over that she is having trouble with her phone. It could be low battery or there could be something that is malfunctioning with it. Which in turn is preventing her from getting back to you in a timely manner. This is especially hard to realize if you do not have her on social media. Most of the time when someone is having troubles with their cellphone, they will make a status or post about it letting their friends list know. This could be just a simple coincidence, but if this is the case, she’ll get back to you within a few days. She might have to contact you in some other way, but she will get back to you eventually.

Reason #3: She Doesn’t Have Reception/Is On Vacation

There may be a time where she has stopped responding to you because she is just simply busy. Such as when she is out of town or on vacation. Have you heard her mention anything previously about an upcoming getaway? Did she say anything about a family reunion or a visit to her grandparents on the calendar? These could be reasons that she isn’t getting back to you. She might not have service wherever she is and she just hasn’t had a chance to tell you that yet.

You have to consider that you two might not be close enough to the point where she tells you exactly what she is doing every minute of the day. So it might have slipped her mind, or never even crossed it, to tell you that she was going away or that she had some important business to attend to.

Reason #4: She May Have Heard Something

You’re probably wondering what we mean by that. Don’t worry, we will explain it in full.

Do the two of you have any mutual friends? Maybe you met at a party hosted by a mutual, or were set up to meet by someone that you both know. This may lead her to hear from other mutual friends, or through the grapevine, rumors or bad things about you. This can make women feel a little worried and ultimately scare them off.

Think hard. Is there any information on you out there that might have been able to upset her?

If so, your best bet would be to confront her about it. First, ask her if that is what the issue is and the reason why she is not replying to you. Then let her know that it isn’t what it seems or think of a way to explain yourself.

Reason #5: She’s Friendzoning You

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any hope. But maybe you just aren’t her type and she feels as if too much conversation will give you the wrong idea. Therefore she is taking a much more significant time to get back to you. How can you tell if this is the reason?

Look for the friend zone signs.

Signs of being put in the friend zone:

  • Lack of communication: Her responses have been staggering since day one, but you were too lovestruck to notice.
  • Lack of flirting: When she doesn’t reciprocate your flirtatious advances and instead responds only with “lol” and “haha”.
  • Lack of emoji usage: She doesn’t seem to use any other emojis besides the smile. Girls who aren’t friendzoning you will totally use a lot of different emojis, such as the hearts, winky faces and even the droplet one.
  • No Calls: She will always dodges your calls, but is quick to send a text asking what you called about. That means she was by her phone, but she just doesn’t have any interest in talking with you over the phone.
  • Not much effort: Her texts are short and uninteresting. She tries to be as dull as possible, so that you don’t continue to develop feelings for her. This means that she will send you one word texts or simple smiles and that’s it.
  • She’s likes someone else: You might notice that she’s been hanging around someone else or she even goes as far as to tell you over text that she’s hanging with someone else. This is a definite sign of being friend zoned.

Reason #6: She Has A Boyfriend

Another reason that she might be ignoring you is because she has a boyfriend or is officially seeing someone else. This means that she probably wanted to cut off contact with you immediately, because she wants to be loyal to her new beau. How do you find this out? Well, we don’t typically recommended stalking someone on social media, but in this case, it’s your best bet. Creep her Facebook to see if she’s in a relationship. Or you can be bold and ask her what the deal is. If she comes forward saying that she is now taken, then you finally have your answer as to why she is blowing you off.

Reason #7: You’re Overwhelming Her

Sometimes when we start to like someone, we tend to go a little overboard when it comes to contacting them. You might have made her weary of you by sending too many texts, sending texts to fast or sending doubles when she didn’t reply. Have you been texting or messaging her every hour on the dot? Even though she hasn’t had a chance to get back to you yet?

Unfortunately, women find this super unattractive and annoying in every possible way. We know that you are probably just excited and want to converse with her, but tone it down a notch and see how it goes from there.

You don’t want to come off as stalkerish by flooding her inbox over and over again.

How do you come back from that mistake?

Here’s a few tips:

Tip Number One: Always wait for her reply before sending a text.

Tip Number Two: Do not, repeat, do not send doubles. Whatever the circumstances. Unless of course she tells you she didn’t get the text. Then go ahead and send it again.

Tip Number Three: Wait a good amount of time in between texting her back. Once she sends you one, wait awhile before responding. This lets her know that you are patient and not desperate. If you are responding within .2 seconds every time, she’s going to think that you seem a little too eager. This isn’t attractive and will turn her off from you almost immediately.

Tip Number Four: Have patience. When she hasn’t responded, give her time. Don’t text her right away asking her why she hasn’t responded.

Reason #8: You’ve Offended Her

Sadly, sometimes we end up offending someone and we don’t even realize that we have done it in the first place. Go over the texts that you have sent her and see if you might have said anything that could have been offensive. This can range from commenting on her looks, her works or her friends. Do you see anything in there that might be a little rude? That could be the exact reasoning that she hasn’t gotten back to you just yet.

Reason #9: She’s Just Not That Into You

We know, this is not what you want to hear. But unfortunately, sometimes when a girl is ignoring you, it’s because she just doesn’t like you that much. She does not want to give you false hope by continuing conversation with her. She doesn’t see any point to. This is also a case where she may not even put the effort into friendzone you. You will notice that she doesn’t respond or even open your messages. Give her a few days. If she keeps ignoring you, then you can be certain you are just simply not her type.


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