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Why Is She Starting to Ignore You All of a Sudden?


You thought you had found the girl of your dreams. Conversations have been going great between the two of you since the first day you started talking. Everything seems to be heading in the right direction when all of a sudden she’s gone. She didn’t give you any warning whatsoever, she just decided to not contact you.

why is she ignoring me for no reason

What could possibly be going through her head to make her suddenly ignore you? Here are some very realistic explanations for her behavior.

1. She’s facing some technical issues. First off, we need to define what “ignoring” means. Do you feel ignored because she hasn’t responded to you in two hours or would it take more than a full day before you think she’s ignoring you? If you’re leaning towards the former, then it could just be a case of her not being able to reach her phone because she has other things to deal with.

On the other hand, if it’s the latter, it could just be that she’s having issues with her mobile device. When you message her, does the message not reach her? Or when you call her, does it go straight to voicemail? If your usual mode of communication doesn’t work, try other means like email and perhaps then you can find out why she hasn’t been responsive.

2. She’s just a little busy. Life can get away with a great romance. We can’t just ignore everything else for the sake of dating, right? Let’s say she hasn’t been completely responsive to you these past couple of days. Could it be that she’s working on a very important project from work? Granted, she should have informed you earlier that she would be busy for the next couple of days, but if you notice that she hasn’t been as active online as she normally is, then perhaps she’s just working on something important.

why would a girl ignore you all of a sudden

3. She needs some space. In an ideal world, when a person wants some space, they would say so before disappearing off the face of the earth. However, we don’t live in an ideal world and many people don’t want to have “the talk” about needing some space. So what would she do? She’d just make the space herself by ignoring you for a little bit.

4. You did something she didn’t like. Think back on what you have been talking about lately. Has she shown signs that she might not be as keen on talking about or agreeing with you on certain issues? Has she started ignoring you when you spoke about something controversial like the best Marvel superhero (not Captain America) or what you should do when you have a fever (not essential oils). She might not feel comfortable with you yet to directly tell you that you did or said something she doesn’t like, so her simple solution would be to ignore you until you figure it out.

5. You have run out of things to talk about. Sadly, the first few conversations after you’ve established that you have chemistry can come and go like a brilliant spark. After you’ve spent hours and hours talking about your common interests, there may come a point when you’ve exhausted all the topics related to it. If it seems like you’re talking about the same things over and over again, it may be time to switch it up and move on to a different topic.

6. She wants to be pursued. Ah, yes. It’s common for women (and in many cases these days, men as well) to want to be chased. It could be her way of testing you on whether or not you’re still interested in her. She could be trying to gauge how far you would go to show her how much she means to you. Or it could be her way of checking how committed you are to her and whether or not you would be deterred by radio silence on her end.

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7. She’s no longer interested. This may be a tough one to swallow, but it’s still a possibility. What are the odds that she may no longer be into you? If you haven’t really been clicking that well on your past couple of dates or during your conversation, this could be a very viable option. She may simply lack the courage to tell you that she would just rather be friends.

On the other hand, if things have been going okay between you two, but you know that you’re not exclusively dating, then there’s also that possibility that she has found someone else. The best thing to do in this situation is to take it like a man, thank her for her time, and then move on. There’s no use pushing the issue further.

Ignoring you could be her dating tactic or her way of showing you how uninterested she is. To know which of the above explanations fit your situation the best, you should play close attention to what has happened before she disappeared. Good luck!


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