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Why Men Come Back Months Later?


When you break up with someone, you expect the relationship to be over with. A part of you may hope that your ex-boyfriend comes back to you, but you know in your heart when it is over. When men come back months later, it can come as a total surprise. By that point, you have healed from the relationship and you have moved on. Now, you just want to know why men come back months later when you assumed that the relationship was all in the past. why do guys always come back when you are over them

Every man and every relationship is unique, so there are a number of different reasons why a man may come back after disappearing completely for a few months. If you are lucky, he will give you some hint as to why he reached out again. Other times, he just sends you a basic text to see how you are doing and you are left wondering what he could possibly mean by it. We will cover some of the most common reasons why men come back months later.

1. It Was Just Random

After months of being separated, he has not thought about you or regretted the relationship at all. All of a sudden, something happened that reminded him of you. He may have said a funny joke and realized how amusing you would find it. Or, he may have noticed a woman who looks like you. Because of this reminder, he wanted to reach out to you. He reappeared months later just to message you for no reason at all. By far, this is one of the most annoying reasons for men to come back months later. He doesn’t want a relationship or a friendship. He just messaged you without thinking about it much.

2. He Wants You Back in His Life

why do guys come back when you ignore them

This is the reason most people assume when men come back months later, but it is not always the case. Sometimes though, a man reaches out because he realizes how much he messed up. He may have tried dating around and realized that he could never find someone as good as you again. He may have started thinking over the break up and realized just how much the end of the relationship was his fault. Whatever the reason, he may want you back in his life as his partner or as just a friend.

3. A Friend Asked About You

Perhaps he was out with his friends for a night on the town and someone asked about you. He may have gone home for Thanksgiving and his mother asked how you were doing. Whatever the case, someone asked about you and he realized he had no clue how you were doing in life. He decided to reach out to you just to see what was new and so that he could answer his friends accurately when they asked about you.

4. He Wants Sex

This is a fairly common reason why men come back months later. Guys tend to think that life will be so much easier when they are single. They will suddenly be able to hit on and sleep with any pretty girl that they see at the bar. When they actually try being single, they find that it is much harder to get a girl to sleep with them than they thought. They are just not nearly as charming or attractive as they thought they were. Even if they are able to get someone to have a one-night stand with them, they quickly realize that one-night stands only happen every couple of weeks. When they were in a relationship, they were able to have sex multiple times a week without having to do all the work of playing the field.

Now, he may be thinking that he could just sleep with you. Enough time has passed for you to forgive him, and he is hoping that you will be open to a late night booty call or a friend with benefits. Whether you want this is up to you, but it is rather difficult to keep your feelings separate from such a relationship.

5. Something Reminded Him of You

why Men Come Back Months Later

It might have been months since you dated each other, but something reminded him of you. A certain smell or a sight of a girl who looked like you made him think of you. He decided to message you afterward, but he did not mean anything by it. He just used this as an excuse to talk to you, but does not plan on the relationship going anywhere afterward.

6. He Just Broke Up With the New Girl

Whether he broke up with you for someone else or he started dating afterward, the relationship may have ended. Now, he is distraught over the new break up and wants some type of rebound relationship. This is by far one of the most annoying reasons why men come back months later. He wants you to heal his wounds from the new relationship, but he doesn’t really want you. He just does not want to hurt anymore from the more recent break up. If this is the reason why he reached out to you again, forget about him. He won’t be interested in hanging around because he just wants to use you to comfort himself and heal from his new break up.

7. He Wants an Ego Boost

why do guys come back after you get over them

This is a jerk reason why he reached out to you again. He doesn’t actually want to date you. He just wants to know that you still like him enough to date him anyway. It makes him feel good to know that you are deeply in love with him and can’t get over him. This is another common reason why men come back months later, but it is a definite sign that you should forget about him and move on as quickly as possible.

8. You Seem Like a Challenge

He might not be in love with you anymore, but he has noticed that you moved on. You have stopped paying attention to him, so he views you as a challenge. He may text you until you respond, but then stop messaging you as soon as you seem interested in talking. This type of reason tends to happen among clingy guys or guys who like to conquer their mate. He wants the ego boost and the thrill of conquering your heart again, but he does not actually want to be with you again.


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