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Why Men Love Skinny Women?


Society has always played a role in how women see themselves, and what level of self-esteem they have. Lately, there’s been a push for body positivity among women- fat girls, skinny girls, and curvy girls in between: you’re beautiful just the way you are! But why is it that some guys tend to go towards girls on the skinnier side?

What is it about skinny girls that attracts certain guys to them like a fly to a bug zapper? Why do some men always feel the need to open their mouth and explain exactly why they’re attracted to thin women? If you’re wracking your brain trying to figure out why some guy may have passed you up for a thinner girl, don’t worry, we got you covered. There seem to be a few popular theories, and they’re not all completely logical.

1. Society

Despite the push among women for more body positive representation, we’re all still surrounded by what society deems the perfect woman- and this woman tends to be of the skinnier variety. Magazine, television, movies.

Models and actresses are pressured by the industry to be thin, and those are the role models that both guys and girls are seeing as hot, famous, worthy of thousands of fans and devoted attention. All of these forms of media are driven by the societal expectation of women to be fit and thin – even if the guys you see hanging on their arms could stand for a few crunches themselves.

2. Misconceptions of health

If you put two women next to each other, one skinny and one on the heavier side, you won’t be able to tell who is healthier. Not even the BMI is a trusted source of whether or not someone has a healthy amount of body weight for their size. Either way, some men think that a woman who is bigger is automatically less healthy than a woman who is skinnier.

Sure, there may be some health problems that could be correlated with a heavier weight, but there are just as many health issues for those who are underweight. So, unless a guy is about to ask for your medical records on the first date, he’s probably full of crap.

3. Pornography. Ugh. Yep

Pornography is geared almost exclusively towards men, with a few websites that pay some sort of homage to “feminist porn” that’s meant to be for women. But largely, the porn industry is run by men for men, and your average guy probably consumes some type of porn.

Unless a guy is specifically searching for porn featuring bigger women, the majority of actresses in porn videos are going to be unrealistically skinny, perky and tan. Porn habits can greatly affect the type of woman a man finds attractive, after all. Eh, why worry about the opinion of a guy who’s probably learned all his signature moves from porn videos, anyway?

4. Being able to show her off

The type of guy who is obsessively, only attracted to skinny women probably hangs around the same type of dudes. What better way to try and come out the top dog among your fraternity bros than have a thin, pretty girl on your arm?

After all, she probably has no personality of her own and exist only for the dude in question to “score” her, to show all of his friends that he’s capable of getting a hot, skinny girl to go out with him. Don’t worry. By the third date, she’ll realize she’s way out of his league, anyway.

5. Biological, genetic superiority

According to some, men associate thinner bodies with health, youth and fertility. Yikes. If a guy is sizing me up on the first date with whether or not my body weight means I’ll be fertile enough to bear his brood, I’m going to be running in the opposite direction and fast.

Apparently, it’s an evolutionary, biological imperative for men to seek out skinny women. You know, as if this attraction is completely devoid of outside influences impressed upon men and women alike from surrounding society. But, sure. Some guys have a biological imperative to seek out the woman who will be most fertile to have children with.

6. He’s just shallow

Sure, we can name a list of maybe-possibly-thinly legitimate reasons that men might prefer skinnier women. And really, in the end, it’s not really up to anyone to say why anyone dates the way they do. But sometimes, men can be just plain shallow.

It doesn’t matter what type of personality he likes, or if he and a girl have the same interests. Sometimes, her weight is a dealbreaker. In the end, though, isn’t she better off? I certainly wouldn’t want a guy to stay with me if he didn’t find me attractive, whatever the reason.


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