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Why Was He Staring At You When You Weren’t Looking


You may be at the club with some friends, at the library studying or waiting for your coffee at Starbucks when you feel the eyes of someone on you. Sure, you look around and notice a cute guy across your way, but he’s not looking at you right now. So, you look away and then you feel someone staring at you again. Could it be him? It probably is but now you’re asking yourself, why is he staring at me when I’m not looking? Well, there are a couple reasons why he’s staring at you when you’re not looking.

He’s into you

he looks at me from a distance

Now, whether he knows you or not, if he’s staring at you, he probably finds you attractive. If he didn’t find you attractive, he wouldn’t invest his time making sure you’re not noticing him staring at you. He could just be checking you out, but if you’re feeling him looking at you more than once, he’s attracted to you. But there’s still something missing with this, I mean, why wouldn’t he look at you while you’re looking at him?

He’s scared

The guy is terrified. Yes, he finds you jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but he’s completely terrified thinking about approaching you that he’d prefer that you didn’t even see him looking at you. It’s normal for men to be shy and uncomfortable with making the first move. So, instead, he’ll just spend his time staring at you, debating and contemplating whether or not he should make a move.

He’s in awe

He’s in shock. In fact, he doesn’t even know what he should do. So, he just low-key stares at you in awe. Though he keeps looking at you, he probably finds you unapproachable. Maybe he thinks you’re out of his league or maybe you’re not positioned in a way that he thinks he can approach you successfully. The point is, you’ve rocked his world and now he’s scrambling trying to get his head back on straight.

He’s checking you out

when a guy stares at you from a distance

Maybe you’ve been going to the gym lately or “eating clean”, whatever it is, it’s working. For him, he’s lowkey checking you out whenever he gets the chance. This doesn’t mean he’s going to make a move or that he’s even interested in anything more than looking. But as of now, he’s getting in as much of you as he can because he finds you incredibly sexy and hot.

He’s taken

If he was single, he may be more aggressive when it comes to eye contact. He would probably focus more on trying to maintain eye contact with you rather than avoiding eye contact with you. He keeps looking at you because he finds you attractive but he also knows that he can’t make a move on you. So, instead, he checks you out but while trying to avoid any chance of making eye contact with you. Yes, he thinks you’re hot but he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea.

He’s waiting for you to look in his direction

why does he stare at me so intensely

Now, if you’re looking in his direction and he’s purposely looking away then though he finds you attractive, he’s not interested in starting a conversation. But if he’s looking at you, waiting for you to turn your head over, then he’s interested in making eye contact and seeing where it goes.

He’s debating 

Yes, he’s lowkey staring at you but in his head, there’s a great debate going on. He’s not sure if he should approach you, whether he’s going to get rejected or not, whether you have a boyfriend or not – there’s a lot going through his mind. So, he’s weighing his options and trying to see if he could take a courageous step towards you and strike up a conversation or let you grab your Latte and walk away.

He’s trying to get a reaction

he stares at me seriously

Sometimes, guys just want to get a reaction from you. Most of these type of guys are a little weird and egocentric. But if he’s lowkey staring at you in an uncomfortable manner and you feel uneasy, then that’s a good gut instinct you should be following. Most men will stare at you because they find you attractive and usually you can sense that. However, if you have a weird feeling in your stomach, then take his staring at something you should be concerned about and move away. I’m not saying all men who stare at you are creeps but if there is a guy that gives you the creeps, then there’s a reason why. Wherever you are in that moment, finish what you’re doing and leave.

There are many reasons why a guy is staring at you while you’re not looking but for the most part, it’s because he finds you attractive. In his head, he’s thinking of a bunch of different things and trying to decide what he should do next. If you think he’s cute, give him a couple minutes and see if he does anything.


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