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50 Wiccan and Pagan Baby Names


Instead of sticking to a traditional name, choose a more magical option. These Wiccan and pagan baby names come from the elements, nature and the ancient gods. Varying from more typical pagan names to entirely unique options, these 50 Wiccan and pagan baby names will be perfect for your baby girl or baby boy.

25 Wiccan and Pagan Baby Names for Boys

1. Neptune

Neptune is well-known as the Roman god of the sea. He is often pictured with a trident and would make for an excellent baby name.

2. Pollux

Pollux is a name that you rarely hear today. You may recognize it as the brother constellation of Gemini. The name actually means crown.

3. Stone

Many Wiccan and pagan baby names are inspired by nature. Stone is one of those names. It would be an extremely strong name for a baby name and has been growing in popularity over recent years.

4. Percival

Percival was once the name of one of the knights of the Round Table. Originally, this French name meant one who pierces the valley.

5. Herne

You probably will not hear this baby name among your child’s classmates. Long ago, this was the name of the god of hunting, forests and vegetation.

6. Aidan

Aidan is a different way of selling the name Aiden. This popular baby name is said to mean small fire.

7. Fergus

Fergus is a popular baby name that means strong and manly. Long ago, it was said to be a royal name among the Pictish tribes.

8. Gawain

Gawaan is a name that comes from Arthurian legend. He was known as the night who defended the weak. In the legends, he was the one who fought the Green Knight in the battle between Christianity and Paganism.

9. Albus

This name comes from Latin and means white. You may also recognize it as the name of Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series of books and movies.

10. Lysander

This name is considered an alternative to the name Alexander. The name is said to mean liberator.

11. Angus

Angus is a name that comes to us from Celtic mythology. It means one who is unique or special. It is the name of the god of good humor and wisdom.

12. Llyr

Llyr is a musical name that comes from Celtic legends. He was known as a mythical kind and the god of the sea.

13. Bedwyr

Bedwyr is a proto-Celtic name. It comes from a word that meant knower of the grave.

14. Caradoc

This Welsh name means dearly loved.

15. Leaf

Leaf is becoming one of the more popular nature-related names, so we think it would be a great Wiccan and pagan baby name.

16. Adonis

Adonis was once a popular name. Long ago, it was the name of the Greek god of rebirth and vegetation.

17. Castor

Castor is the name of one of the twins in the Gemini constellation. If you give birth to twins, Castor and Pollox would be great name choices.

18. Evander

Evander is a name that was once popular in Greek history. It means good man and was once the name of a hero in the Trojan War.

19. Cedric

Cedric is a Celtic name that means bounty. It was the name of a character in Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series.

20. Pagan

If you want to make sure that people know that your child has a pagan name, then Pagan is the way to go. This word actually means from the country.

21. Finn

Finn is becoming a popular pagan boy name over recent years, and we think it would be a lovely name for a baby boy.

22. Rowan

Rowan is one of the most popular Wiccan and Pagan baby names. This Celtic name is ancient and comes from a word that once meant tree. Long ago, trees played an enormous role in Celtic religious traditions.

23. Cadmun

Cadmun is from an Anglo-Saxon name that means warrior.

24. Desmond

Desmond means a knowledgeable man. This name meaning makes sense since it was the name of the Noble Prize winner, Bishop Desmond Tutu.

25. Fox

Fox is a wonderful name that has been used for years. You could use this as a first or middle name for your baby.

25 Wiccan and Pagan Baby Names for Girls

1. Aradia

This lovely name comes from the name of an Italian witch who was made famous in Charles Leland’s book, Gospel of the Witches.

2. Nimue

This name comes from Arthurian legend. In the stories, she was a sorceress who kidnapped Lancelot when he was just a baby. The name is said to mean memory.

3. Gaia

In myths, Gaia is the goddess of the earth.

4. Galatea

According to Greek myths, Galatea was a woman with extremely pale skin.

5. Daisy

Daisy was once a nickname for Margaret, but most people think of the flower when they hear this name.

6. Thalia

Thalia comes from a Greek word that means to blossom. One of the three Graces has this name.

7. Bronwen

Bronwen is a name that means fair and blessed. She was the daughter of the sea god in mythology.

8. Calliope

This is a name from epic poetry that means beautiful voice.

9. Glenys

This unique name actually means someone living in a glen.

10. Willow

Willow is a type of ancient tree that was once thought to possess magical powers.

11. Demeter

Demeter was the name of the Greek goddess of harvest, agriculture and grain.

12. Ariadne

Ariadne was the goddess of fertility in Greek mythology. Her name meant most holy.

13. Luighseach

This name is a variation on the name Lucy. It is pronounced as Lee-shock.

14. Rowena

Rowena is a name that means slender and fair.

15. Soleil

Soleil comes from a French word that means sun. It was popularized in the 1920s.

16. Brigitte

Brigitte is a French name that means strength.

17. Ceridwen

This was the name of the Celtic goddess of poetry. Appropriately, her name meant beautiful as a poem.

18. Amber

Amber is a type of beautiful gemstone.

19. Brynn

Brynn is a Welsh name that means hill.

20. Persephone

Persephone was the queen of the underworld and the goddess of spring in Greek mythology.

21. Fionnula

This name comes from Irish mythology. Known as the daughter of Llyr, Fionnula was turned into a swan for 900 years.

22. Grainne

This is a name that comes from Irish mythology.

23. Roisin

Roisin comes from the name rose and means little rose.

24. Echo

Echo is a nymph in Greek myths.

25. Autumn

This is both a beautiful season of the year and a lovely name.


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