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60 Wiffle Ball Team Names


Wiffle ball is a fun game, but there is more to it than meets the eye. To outsiders, it seems like a game where you just hit a plastic ball with a plastic bat. In reality, there are different strategies that can help make this game a competitive, fun sport. If you are making a team to play this game, the following wiffle ball team names can help you brainstorm the right idea. Wiffleball team names

60 Wiffle Ball Team Names

1. Wiffle House: Have you ever been to the Waffle House? This is much, much better.

2. Breaking Ballers: This is a clever option.

3. Grim Sweepers: The other team had better watch out for you guys!

4. Banana Slugs: A different type of slug, of course.

5. A Case of the Wiffles: A case of the sniffles would be terrible. The wiffles? Much better.

6. Brew Crew: Because your wiffle ball team is primarily playing for the brew.

7. Alcoballics: Clever.

8. Rounding Third: This is a cute option.

9. Sons of Pitches: This is definitely not a PG wiffle ball team name.

10. Ball Busters: Nice one!

11. Village Idiots: This doesn’t say much about your self-confidence.

12. Yager Bombers: Nice.

13. Soup-A-Stars: This is a clever option.

14. Balls Out: An easy choice.

15. Scared Hitless: Say it aloud, and you will quickly get the play on words.

16. Strike Out Mafia: Nice!

17. Odd Balls: This is a cute option.

18. Wiffle Squad: Awesome.

19. The Abusement Park: This will strike fear in the heart of the other team.

20. One Hit Wonders: Hopefully, not actually true.

21. Wifflers in Training: Nice!

22. Syrupmakers: Need some syrup to go with those wiffle balls?

23. Multiple Scoregasms: Excellent.

24. Wii Not Fit: That’s how I feel when I use the Wii.

25. The Misfits: Cute.

26. Blue Ballers: Ouch.

27. There’s No Place Like Home: Get it?

28. Pocket Full of Sliders: This is an adorable wiffle ball team name.

29. Honey Nut Ichiros: This is a clever play on words.

30. Pitch Slaps: Clever, but definitely not suitable for a kid-friendly wiffle ball team.

Wiffle Ball Team Names

31. Hit for Brains: That’s too bad.

32. Intoxicated: That basically sums it up.

33. Line Drivers: Nice!

34. Smokin’ Bases: This is a play on the popular phrase, “smokin’ aces.”

35. Heavy Hitters: Because your wiffle ball team brings out all the heavy hitters.

36. Ice Cold Pitchers: Classy.

37. Mighty Morphin Wiffle Hitters: This is a bit long but it still works.

38. Screwballs: This is an easy, fun option to go with.

39. Thrashers: Nice one.

40. Wiffle Warriors: This wiffle ball team name wins bonus points for alliteration.

41. Home Run Hitters: At least, you hope that you will be home run hitters.

42. Wiffle Waffling: Try saying this wiffle ball team name five times fast.

43. Bad Axe Hatchets: Nice.

44. Batter Up: Since wiffle sounds like waffle, this has another, more delicious meaning to it.

45. Bomb Squad: The other team had better watch out for you guys!

46. Lucky Strikes: You don’t seem them in the United States that often anymore, but this was actually once a brand of cigarettes.

47. Buttered Wiffles: Who doesn’t love buttered waffles and syrup?

48. High Heat: Excellent.

49. Leather and Lace: For a hardcore team that is classy, yet tough.

50. Sluggers: This is an easy choice to go with.

51. Walks With Four Balls: This sounds like it came from one of those online Native American name generators.

52. Bad News Bears: This is a name that comes from a popular movie title.

53. Wood Chuckers: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if he was playing wiffle ball?

54. The Hitmen: This is a clever play on words.

55. Wiffle Iron: This team name is a play on the word “waffle iron.”

56. Aces of Bases: Nice.

57. Bat Attitudes: That is the right kind of attitude to have!

58. Swerve Balls: An excellent option.

59. The Walk Outs: This is an easy choice.

60. Pitches Gone Wild: This is certainly not one of the PG wiffle ball team names.


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