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Will She Ever Contact Me Again?


Whether you broke up with her or she broke up with you, you can quickly regret the decision. Before long, you are remembering all of the good moments that you had together and wondering why you would ever just leave her. You can’t forget about your relationship, but it seems like she has moved on. She has stopped contacting you completely, and you want to know if she will ever contact you again.

Will the Ex ever contact me again

Will She Ever Contact Me Again?

Let’s be clear: Every relationship is different. You will not be able to find your answer on Google. No matter how often you search for articles, your relationship and what you both want out of it is unique. Since every situation is different, we can only cover some of the things that you can do and not do to get her to talk to you again.

1. Listen to Her

Sometimes, people break up because both partners stopped listening to each other enough. In other cases, the communication was fine, but she still wanted to leave. At any rate, right now is a good time to start listening to her carefully. If she says that she does not want to talk to you or that she needs space, listen to her. If you keep messaging her and try to make her talk to you, it will only push her further away from you. All you can do is wait and hope for the best.

2. Curiosity Does Not Mean She Wants to Be With You

After being a major part of your life for a long time, it is only natural that she would think of you from time to time. If she does reach out to see what you are up to, don’t read too much into it. Unless she actually says she wants to get back together, she may just be curious about how you are doing and what is going on in your life. A bit of her ego may also want to know if you have moved on first and forgotten about her. Whatever the case, don’t read too much into it if she reaches out for a basic conversation or small talk.

3. She Is Around a Suspicious Amount

This is one of the signs that she might want to contact you again. Sometimes, people are shy about talking to an ex when they are interested in getting back together. You have to put aside your ego to approach an ex who might reject you, so she might naturally feel a little intimidated. Instead of just talking to you, she may suddenly appear everywhere you are. If you keep seeing her around all the time, it is entirely possible that she is trying to create an opportunity for you to talk to her.

Will She Contact Me Again After Break Up

4. Think About Your Break Up

Before you decide what can happen and if she will ever contact you again, you have to look at your break up. If it was a messy, terrible break up, then it is unlikely that she will want to reach out to you again. If you cheated on her and she absolutely cannot forgive cheating, then don’t expect her to reach out to you. If your break up was mutual and there wasn’t a real reason for it, then she might regret the break up and contact you again.

5. Look at All the Signs

She messaged you on Facebook to say hello, and now you assume that she wants to get back together. Don’t rush into anything too quickly. One sign could happen for many different reasons. If you really want to know if she will contact you again or want to get back together, you have to look at the bigger picture. Does she show up where you are a lot? Has she tried messaging you? Does she smile or seem positive when you do see her? You have to look at everything she does to see if she wants to reestablish a relationship or a friendship with you.

6. She Is Very Active on Social Media

Technically, this could either mean she really wants to be with you or is really working to move on. If she is always on social media and posting things, she probably wants to show that she is moving on and her life is doing well. Look at the photos that she posts though. If there are cute guys in the photos, then you can bet that she wants to show that she has moved on and no longer wants to be with you. If she avoids posting photos of anyone she is dating, then there is still hope. She wants to be in your mind by posting on social media, and she wants to show that she is living life to the fullest, but she doesn’t want to scare you off by showing pictures of some new boyfriend or date. If you never see photos of guys and she is always liking your photos or statuses, then you can bet that she would like to reach out at some point.

Will She Ever Contact Me: Why She Might Not Contact You

There are a number of reasons why she might not contact you. Some people want to heal and move on after a relationship ends. Healing can’t really happen if your ex is constantly in your life, so they stop talking to their ex completely. This is not a reflection on you. It may just mean that she wants to focus on healing herself and can’t be mired in feelings from the past.

Other people do the “no contact” rule. Some people do this because the no contact rule helps them move on. Other people do this because they (wrongly) think that it will make their ex miss them and want them back. Unfortunately for you, there is no way to know which option she is going with. In this case, you can only respect her decision not to talk to you and wait to see what happens. If she has some space, it may give her the thinking time she needs to miss you and want to get in touch with you again.


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