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15 Romantic Winter Date Ideas


It’s easy to find things to do with the person that you love in the summer. Honestly, all you have to do is go outside. However, when winter comes around it feels as if you have no options but to cuddle up inside and watch Netflix for days. Fortunately for you there are actually many, many things for you to do with your loving partner once that snow hits the ground. What are they? Well, you have come to the right place to find out! Just read below to take a peek at fifteen romantic winter date ideas!

romantic winter date ideas

  • Horse Drawn Carriage

You could also refer to this as a sleigh ride, just solely because it’s Christmas time. This is perfect if you don’t mind getting a little chilly. Can you think of anything that is more romantic than taking a relaxing sleigh ride through the city with your lover? We can’t. Which is exactly why this winter activity is number one on the list. There’s just something special about it that we think makes it a great romantic winter date idea. It’s a great way to scope out the winter wonderland and spend some quality time with your partner. This usually only works out in bigger cities, because many small towns do not just have someone waiting around with a horse drawn carriage. So if you are in a big city, go ahead and give this a shot. If you are in a smaller town, call around to see if you can request this service before getting your hopes up too high.

  • Hot Cocoa Date

dating in winter

You could also just keep it very simple by spending time together sipping on coffee, tea or hot cocoa at your favorite cafe. It’s a great way to keep you from spending a fortune, but also allows you to get out of the house and experience the outside world. Even if it’s just for a short while.

  • Playing In The Snow

Who says there’s an age limit to playing outside in the winter? No one. No one at all says that. Because there is always time for you and your partner to go outside and make snow angels alongside one another. You can talk and play in the snow for hours. Of course, this only works if you don’t forget to put on your snow pants! Yes, we said snow pants. Sure you haven’t worn any since you were in elementary school and even then your mom had to force them on you. But it’s never too late to go out and get a pair! You know they do sell them in every size, right? Snow angels don’t take that long, but you can also go as far as having a silly snowball fight! Be careful to avoid aiming for the face and also ensure your snow doesn’t end up having any chunks of ice in it and you will be down for a good time.

  • Igloo Building Competition

This is not a date idea that we would recommend if you or your partner is super competitive. However, if you can both be good sports about it, give it a go! You can purchase an igloo shaper at the store for each of you and set the clock. Build an igloo each and see who reigns champion. Then you can hide out in the winner’s spot and drink some cocoa together. It’ll be fun, we promise!

  • Take A Vacation

Sick of winter entirely and have a little extra cash saved up? Then this idea will be the perfect one for you and your partner! Take a mini vacation to somewhere that is warm! Get on a plane and head out of town, or out of the country. Spend a week somewhere where you no longer have to bundle up! Drink mojitos on the beach or simply lay out and get a tan together. Of course it always sucks coming back to the frozen tundra, but it’s nice while it lasts.

  • Ice Skating

Winter date ideas

Surely you probably saw this one coming, right? Ice skating is one of the older, yet most romantic, date ideas there are out there when it comes to finding dates for winter time. Ice skating is incredibly sweet and appealing. Plus moving around a lot keeps you from getting so silly. You can hold hands with your lover as you glide across the ice and talk about the things that  matter most to you in life. We don’t suggest trying this one out if you both do not know how to ice skate. That might just make for a very awkward date. Although, if one of you knows how to skate it wouldn’t be a bad idea to teach the other one how. This might make for a very memorable date in the end. You may even get some good laughs out of it. Just be careful!

  • Christmas Movie Marathon

Yes, Netflix and chill is utterly boring after awhile. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t switch things up and have a themed movie marathon. There’s just something so special about watching Christmas movies all cuddled up with each other. Grab some gingerbread cookies and soup and you will be all ready for a warm night in. This is a perfect date idea if your pocketbook is feeling a little light lately. We understand that not everyone, especially in this economy, has a ton of money to spend on fancy dates. Lucky for you this doesn’t cost anything if you use the platforms that you already have to watch the movies that you want. Otherwise you might have to spend a few bucks on rentals, but it will totally be worth it in the end!

  • Christmas Carrolling

Okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly Christmas yet, but when the time comes scoop your partner up to go carrolling. Not only is it super fun, if you like to sing that is, but it’s really rewarding. You can visit the elderly, the poor or just visit your family/friends to put smiles on the faces of many. This is a great way to spend time together and bring cheer to the dreary winter landscape.

  • Crafts To Decorate

The nice thing about holiday times is there is always the need for decorations. Maybe you aren’t a huge fan of decorations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them and then donate them. Again, this is a feel good activity. It can also be stress relieving. And depending on the type of crafts, it’ll be easy on the bank account, too.

  • Ice Castles/Ice Caves

With winter comes many ice castles and ice sculptures for all to see. There are usually some around every major city. All you have to do is do a quick and easy Google search to find out where your nearest ones are at. You can also look up whether or not there are any ice caves around your area. These activities will keep you busy for not just one date, but quite a few! As long as you don’t mind driving or spending a tiny bit of dough.

  • Pub Crawl

Do you two consider yourselves lovers of all things alcohol? Well, we have a great date idea for you. A pub crawl is a great way to get out and moving, but also stay warm. Not feeling the bars? Take a trip to a winery and experience some fine wines for an afternoon. Not only is it fun, but the booze helps to keep you warm for hours.

  • Tubing/Sledding

No, tubing and sledding is not just for kids, but if you have kids it’s a great way to incorporate them into your date. Whether you have kids or not, this is a great way to spend time with the person that you love during the winter. It’s more than just walking around or staying at home. You are actually doing an activity that feels good and is a lot of fun to participate in. You’ll have some cold cheeks by the end of it, but the memories you have will be so worthwhile.

  • Take A Spa Day

Feeling like getting pampered for a day? Take a spa day and relax with your partner. This might cost a little more than average, but it’ll be worth all the pleasure in the end. Don’t you think? Make it even more romantic by surprising your partner and not telling them that you have booked this wonderful experience in advance. It’s truly a perfect way to spend a chilly day.

  • A Sports Game

Winter date ideas

We often forget that sports continue into the winter. There are games available to see still, such as hockey. You can purchase tickets to go enjoy some stadium time with your partner. Binge on nachos and cheer for you favorite teams for a few hours. You might still be chilly, but it’s a lot more fun than just sitting around.

  • See A Show

Concerts, movies and performances are great ways to spend time together with your partner when the snow starts falling. You can still be super entertain, but extremely warm at the same time. You can go see plays or ballets. Those are popular date ideas, especially when winter comes around! Ever heard of ‘The Nutcracker’?


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