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300+ Wolf Names and Meanings


If you’re looking for the perfect name for a werewolf while also knowing exactly what that name means, check out our list and pick out the perfect werewolf name for you!

names for wolves

Accalia (female) she-wolf

Acwulf (male) A wolf from the oak meadows

Ad (male) Arabic – Settler; German – Noble Wolf; Son of the Red Earth; Son of Adam

Adalwolf (male) A noble wolf

Adalwolfa (male) A wolf who is noble

Adoff (male) A noble or honourable wolf

Adolf (male) A noble wolf, title of Hitler

Adolfa (female) The feminine version of Adolf, meaning ‘noble wolf’.

Adolfina (female) German – Noble Wolf; Noble Hero

Adolfo (male) Noble wolf

Adolfus (male) A noble wolf

Adolph (male) A kind and honourable wolf

Adolpha (female) noble she-wolf

Adolphe (male) An aristocrat wolf

Adolphine (female) An honourable and noble wolf

Adolpho (male) Spanish variant of Adolf; Noble wolf

Adolphus (male) noble wolf; A derivative of name Ado

Adulf (male) The wolf who is noble and honourable

Aedwulf (male) A noble and honourable wolf

Aegenwulf (male) The wolf of the chief sea

Aethelwulf (male) Noble Wolf

Alarick (male) Noble Leader or a Wolf ruler, Fierce, Supreme ruler of all

Aldwulf (male) One old as a wolf

Amaguk (male) wolf

Amarog (male) wolf

Amaruq (male) Grey wolf

Amoux (male) eagle wolf

Amwolf (male) The majestic and powerful like an Eagle Wolf

Ardolf (male) Home Loving Wolf; A variant of the name Ardwolf

Ardolph (male) Home Loving Wolf; A variant of the name Ardwolf

Ardwolf (male) Home Loving Wolf

Arnou (male) eagle wolf

Arnoux (male) Eagle wolf

Arnulf (male) Wolf, eagle; one who likes to go high

Arnulfo (male) Has the Eagle and Wolf power; powerful person

Audolf (male) wolfs friend

Azouf (male) Aesir’s wolf

Bardalph (male) Ax Wolf

Bardawulf (male) axe and wolf

Bardolf (male) Axe-wolf

Bardolph (male) Axe-wolf

Bardolphe (male) A bright wolf

Bardou (male) Axe-wielding wolf

Bardoul (male) Bright wolf, ax-wielding wolf

Bardulf (male) Bright wolf, ax-wielding wolf

Bardulph (male) Axe-wolf

Barduwulf (male) An ax-wielding wolf

Barwolf (male) Ax Wolf

Beorhtwulf (male) To have the light and brightness of the wolf

Beorthwulf (male) One who is like a bear and llike the wolf

Beowulf (male) Intelligent Wolf

Berhtwulf (male) He is the wolf of the light

Bernulf (male) He who is like a wolf and a bear

Bertulf (male) To be like a wolf and bear

Bhangi (male) wolf

Bighana (female) wolf

Biryuk (male) wolf

Bjomolf (male) bear wolf

Blaez (female) wolf

Bleddyn (male) Wolf Hero

Bledig (male) like a wolf

Bleidd (male) wolf

Bleiz (male) Old Breton word meaning ‘wolf.’

Blevine (male) A child who is like a wolf cub

Bodolf (male) wolf leader

Boris (male) wolf, short

Borris (male) He who is like a short wolf

Botewolf (male) A name that means Herald Wolf

Botolf (male) He is a herald wolf

Botolph (male) One who is like a herald wolf

Botolphe (male) A man who is like a herald wolf

Botulf (male) One who is compared to a wolf

Botwolf (male) He who is wolf-like

Bozkurtlar (male) grey wolf

Caleb (male) dog

Cana (female) wolf cub

Canagan (female) wolf cub

Cathwulf (female) A woman pure as a wolf

Chann (male) Officer of Church; also a young Wolf

Channe (male) A young Wolf

Channing (male) young wolf; official of the church

Channon (male) Wolf’s babies; the wise one

Chanteloup (female) song of the wolf

Chinua (female) wolf

Clell (male) Descendant of the wolf family

Colin (male) in whelp

Conall (male) strong as a wolf

Conan (male) hound, wolf; high

Connery (male) wolf farmer

Connor (male) wolf lover

Convel (male) wolf warrior

Conwenna (male) wolf, hound

Cuan (male) little wolf or little hound

Cuetlachtli (male) Nahuatl word for wolf.

Cunignos (male) A little Wolf

Cuthwulf (male) Wolf; one filled with power

Dib (male) wolf

Dolf (male) Noble wolf; they are responsible and kind people

Dolph (male) In swedish the name Dolph means ‘Noble Wolf’

Dolphus (male) Majestic Noble Wolf; determined and noble

Due (female) One who belongs to a tribe; wolf power

Duko (male) Duko is derived from Doede, meaning a famous wolf.

male wolf names

Edon (male) wolf

Eeriuffi (male) Greenlandic form of Herjulf. It means warrior wolf.

Ernouf (male) Wolf eagle

Ethelwulf (male) a noble wolf.

Eyolf (male) lucky wolf

Faoiltiama (female) wolf lady

Faolan (male) little wolf

Farkas (male) He who is like a wolf

Felan (male) small wolf

Fenris (male) mythical monster wolf

Fillan (male) A little Wolf; name of a saint

Filtiarn (male) lord of wolves

Freki (male) Name of Odin’s wolf.

Fridolf (male) Peaceful wolf

Fridolph (male) A peaceful wolf

Friduwulf (male) peaceful wolf

Geirolf (male) wolf spear

Gonzalo (male) wolf

Gorg (male) wolf

Guadalupe (male) wolf valley

Gundulf (male) Wolf of War, from words “grund” meaning war and “vulfus” which means wolf.

Gunnolf (male) fighting wolf

Gurgen (male) Gotten from Middle Persian gurg “wolf” joined with a humble postfix.

Haquihana (male) wolf

Hardulph (male) Brave wolf, old Anglo Saxon the hill

Harou (male) The army’s wolf

Hati (male) the name of a mythical wolf in Grímnismál, Golden (Hindi)

Heardwulf (male) Strong wolf, brave

Hebrewulf (male) Wolf

Heoruwulf (male) A wolf army

Hildwulf (male) One who is like a wolf in the battle

Hó’nehe (male) wolf

Honi (male) wolf

Honiahaka (male) little wolf

Hrolf (male) Wolf

Hrolleif (male) Old wolf

Ingolf (male) Ing’s wolf.

Ingouf (male) God Ing’s wolf, warrior

Ivailo (male) Variant transcription of Ivaylo, meaning wolf.

Ivaylo (male) wolf

Kenneally (male) Kenneally means Head of Wolf

Kiyiya (male) howling wolf

Kuckunniwi (male) little wolf

Kurt (male) wolf

Kweeuu (male) wolf

Landga (female) wolf

Larentia (female) the shewolf who nursed Remus and Romulus

Leidolf (male) wolf descendant

Leiðolfr (male) Chief wolf.

Leloo (female) wolf

Liekos (male) wolf

Liudolf (male) A Famous Wolf, from the germanic word Hludwolf

Llop (male) wolf

Lobo (male) A person who is like a Wolf

Loup (male) wolf

Louve (female) Female wolf

Louvel (male) little wolf

Lovel (male) One who is like a young wolf

Lovell (male) A wolf cub

Lovett (male) A person who has the qualities of a young wolf

Lovetta (female) Resembling a young wolf

Lovette (female) She is like a wolf cub

Lovota (female) A fast Wolf; good natured

Lowe (male) A person who is like a young wolf, used as a surname

Lowell (male) wolf cub; little wolf

Lupe (female) wolf

Luperca (female) Shewolf who nursed Romulus and Remus

Lupin (male) From latin word “lupinus” meanin Wolf

Lupo (male) wolf

Lupu (male) wolf

Lupus (male) wolf

Lyall (male) A Scottish surname derived from the Old Norse given name Liulfr which means wolf

Lycan (male) A werewolf

Lycidas (male) Wolf son

Lyell (male) A wolf from the island

Lyfing (male) A dear wolf

Lykaios (male) wolfish, of a wolf; wolf-like

Lyulf (male) A compound of “wolf” and “flame”

Lyulph (male) A flaming wolf

Maccon (male) son of a wolf

Maengun (male) wolf

Maheegan (female) wolf

Mahigan (female) wolf

Maicoh (female) wolf

Maiyun (female) wolf

Makoce (male) earth

Marrok (male) A knight that was thought to be a warewolf

Mgelika (female) male wolf

Mingan (male) grey wolf

Móðolfr (male) The fearless wolf.

Mohegan (male) wolf

Nashoba (female) wolf

Nirmolak (male) A wolf from the northern areas

Nothwulf (male) A wolf from the northern areas

Nuntis (female) the Sun-Wolf

Ocumwhowurst (male) yellow wolf

Odolf (male) prosperous wolf

Odwolfe (male) wealthy wolf

Okhmhaka (male) little wolf

Olcan (male) wolf

Onai (female) wolf

Ookami (female) wolf

Osouf (male) God’s wolf or warrior. It’s a variant of Ozouf.

Ostrythe (male) Name given to a divine Wolf; idealistic person

Otsanda (female) she-wolf

Ovais (male) A variant of Owais; Name of companions of the Prophet; Little Wolf

Owais (male) A wolf; the best compannion of the Prophet

Owaisy (male) A wolf; a courageous and brave warrior

Owein (male) A noble- born young individual who is like a Wolf

Ozouf (male) God’s wolf, warrior

cool werewolve names

Phelan (male) One who is like a wolf

Radolf (male) A red wolf

Radolph (male) A wolf’s shield

Radulfus (male) A shield wolf

Radulph (male) A wolf consel

Radulphus (male) A shield of the wolf

Raedwolf (male) A red haired wolf

Raedwulf (male) A red wolf

Raff (male) A red wolf

Ragnulf (male) Adviser wolf, warrior

Rahoul (male) A wolf counsel

Ralfs (male) A variant of Ralph. It means wolf counsel.

Ralph (male) wolf counsel; a fearless adviser

Rand (male) shield wolf

Randale (male) A shield-wolf

Randall (male) shield wolf

Randel (male) A surname variant of Randolph, means wolf’s shield

Randi (male) shield wolf; house wolf; protector

Randolf (male) A house wolf, prostector

Randoll (male) Surname, means wolf shield

Randolph (male) a wolf shield

Randon (male) Variant of Randolph, means shield with a wolf emblem

Randulf (male) Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf’s shield

Randulfus (male) Edge of the wolf’s shield

Randulph (male) Wolf’s shield

Randulphus (male) A shield with a wolf emblem

Ranndy (male) A house wolf

Ranulf (male) Scottish name meaning a shield of wolf

Ranulfo (male) Wolf’s shield; emblem painted on a war shield

Ranulfus (male) English name meaning a shield with the emblem of a wolf

Ranulph (male) A shield-wolf

Raoul (male) A red wolf

Raul (male) wolf counsel

Raulf (male) One who has the wisdom of a wolf

Raulfe (male) He is wise like a wolf

Raulin (male) A little wise wolf, mostly used as a surnme

Rawling (male) An advice of the wolf. Mainly used as a surname

Rawlins (male) One who is a son of the wise wolf-man

Rawls (male) Mainly used as a surname which means The Famous Wolf

Rawly (male) An Old English surname that meas A well-known wolf

Rawson (male) An English surname, the son of the famous wolf

Rawsone (male) A surname that means a male child of the famous wolf

Rendall (male) wolf shield

Rendell (male) The shield that is used to protect the wolf

Renouf (male) Adviser wolf

Reule (female) famous wolf

Rezso (male) Germanic – Famous Wolf; Legendary wolf; A derivative of the English Rudolph.

Rhudi (male) A wolf famous among man

Rieka (female) A woman who has the power of the wolf, or a woman who holds the power of home

Rodolf (male) A legendary and famous wolf

Rodolfo (male) A notable and legendary wolf

Rodolph (male) One who is known as a famous wolf

Rodolphus (male) A wolf of great fame

Rolf (male) He is a legendary wolf among men

Rolfe (male) Germanic – Famous Wolf; Legendary wolf; Wise and Strong; A variant of Ralph

Rollin (male) A wolfy legendary man

Rollo (male) A notable, acclaimed wolf

Rotri (male) One who is famous wolf

Roukan (male) wolf counsel

Roul (male) Famous wolf

Rowsan (male) A wolf-counsel’s son

Rudi (male) famed wolf abbreviation of Rudolph

Rudie (female) One whose fame is like a wolf’s

Rudina (female) One who is like a lgendary wolf

Rudolf (male) He is legendary like a wolf

Rudolfa (female) A legendary female wolf

Rudolfo (male) A wolf who is a legend

Rudolph (male) A man who has the fame of the legendary wolf

Ruelle (female) famous wolf

Ruid (male) He is like a famous wolf

Rule (male) French – Famous Wolf; A variant of the name Ruelle.

Saewulf (male) A wolf of the sea

Sandalio (male) true wolf

Sandulf (male) True Wolf

Sassaba (male) The wolf

Scenwulf (male) The act of a wolf

Seath (male) Wolfish

Seaxwulf (male) Wolf of the sea

Seff (male) a wolf

Shunkaha (female) wolf

Sigewulf (male) A victorious wolf

Singarti (male) wolf

Sirhaan (male) One who resambles the wolf

Sirhan (male) A man who is like a wolf

Skjöldolfr (male) The protector wolf.

Sköll (male) a wolf that chased the sun

Susi (male) wolf

Syaoran (male) He who is a little wolf

Tala (female) red wolf, stalking wolf

Tasha (female) wolf

Tate (female) stalking wolf

Tatwulf (male) He who is as strong as a wolf

Tchono (male) wolf

Teowulf (male) A mighty wolf

Theodulf (male) The God of wolf

Thrydwulf (male) Combination name, thorn and wolf

Tidwulf (male) The wolf of its time, or the time wolf

Toralu (male) wolf

Tunstall (male) wolf of Thor

TyOhni (male) wolf

Udolf (male) A wolf ruler

Udolph (male) wind

Ujku (male) wolf

Ulfred (male) Wolf of peace

Úlfur (male) Wolf in Icelandic language. A variant of Ulfr.

Ulger (male) wolf spear

Ullok (male) wolf sport

Ulmar (male) famous wolf

Ulmer (male) fame of the wolf

Ulric (male) power of the wolf

Ulrich (male) female wolf

Ulrika (female) wolf ruler

Ulva (female) She wolf

Ulvelaik (male) wolf sport

Uwais (male) A small wolf

Valko (male) Derived from Bulgarian valk, meaning wolf.

Varg (male) wolf

Velvel (male) Wolf

Vígolfr (male) The battling wolf.

Vilkas (male) wolf

Vilks (male) wolf

Vuk (male) wolf

Vukasin (male) wolf

Waya (female) wolf

Weylyn (male) the son of the wolf

Wolf (male) The animal wolf.

Wolfgang (male) son of the wolf; path of the wolf

Wolfram (male) wolf raven

Wolfrik (male) wolf ruler

Woolsey (male) victorious wolf

Wulfgar (male) wolf-like spear

Ylfa (female) A female wolf.

Ylva (female) she-wolf

Yowlumne (male) people of the wolf

Z’ev (male) wolf

Zayev (male) wolf


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