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Yin Yang Meaning


The Yin Yang is an ancient Chinese symbol that has significant meaning about the universe. This popular black and white symbol essentially represents that there are two forces in the universe that are constantly opposing each other, yet at the same time are complementary together.

Choosing the colors of black and white are significant in itself: first and foremost, yang interprets into ‘sunny’, so the white part of the circle represents everything that’s bright, sunny, and active. On the other hand, yin translates into ‘shady’, therefore is corresponds with everything that is less active and done at night. To help you understand the two colors and their meanings more, we’ve created a simple list:

YIN                 YANG

Dark                 Light

Earth                Sky

Cold                 Heat

Death               Life

Female             Male

Down               Up

North                South

Water               Fire

Winter              Summer

Moon                Sun

Shade               Sunlight

Seeing this table you can clearly see how each goes hand in hand with the other; they are opposing, but yet complementary at the same time. But what exactly does the entire symbol mean? Let’s dive a little bit deeper.

The Outer Circle: The outer circle is probably the most important and essential part of the Yin Yang symbol.  It essentially represents the entire universe and everything that is inside.

Black and White Sections Together: Where the black and white areas touch, this represents the interaction happening between both the yin and yang energies.

Small Black and White Circles: You will notice there are two small black and white circles located in the opposite colors. This is there to represent that there is a small force in every larger force, working together: wherever there is yang, there is a bit of yang and vice versa. They need each other to exist.

The S Shapes: It is clear that the Yin and Yang are both swerved in an S-like shape; but why? Instead of there being a harsh line dividing the two colors, there is a flowing curve between the two. This is to show that the two forces yield into each other and are completely dependent on each other. It also shows that when one force grows larger, the other force starts to yield into it to counteract and work together. This is a never ending cycle, as both forces are constantly yielding into one another to survive.

Other Yin Yang Symbols

Classic Yin Yang Symbol: The classic Yin Yang symbol is black and white with the S-shape, representing the two forces that complement each other while opposing each other at all times. It represents the balance of all things.

Yin Yang with Lotus: When the classic Yin Yang symbol is designed with a lotus around it, it is a very powerful symbol. To the Chinese, lotuses are a symbol of absolute purity and perfection. Combined with the balancing representation of the Yin Yang, the Yin Yang Lotus symbol creates what is known as the ‘perfect point of focus’ in all areas of life including the body, spirit, and mind.

Ying Yang with Eye: When a Yin Yang symbol is found inside of an eye, it symbolized the vision for balance and absolute peace. It shows that the individual is focused solely on finding the perfect balance both on the inside and outside of life.

Yin Yang with Heart: When the Yin Yang symbol is located inside of a heart, it is to show that we are looking for balance and love in our hearts. It is a symbol that shows how important love is in our lives and is one of the biggest and truest virtues in life.


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