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15 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men


If you’re a younger guy who loses the game to older guys on a daily basis, you’re probably wondering what makes older guys so special? Now, not all women are into older men, but, love can come in different ages and shapes, so, you never know who the love of your life will be. Many women love older men for different reasons and no, it’s not because we all have daddy issues. There are lots of reasons why women go for older men, so if you’re wondering why, well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a woman debating whether or not she should date an older guy, I’m going to tell you why you should say yes. Once you read why you’ll be able to see why women love men with a little age on them. Don’t worry, you don’t need to rush, you’ll get there soon enough.

They have experience

It’s really true, men do get better with age. Once they have a couple years and life lessons under their belts, they can a relationship great. Why? Well, come on, you know why, experience has taught them. They understand that they can’t always get what they want and that relationships take compromise. Now, if they’re a notorious bachelor, this may not apply to them. But generally, older men are well-mannered, cultured and confident. They don’t care about what other people think, they know that life is too short for that nonsense.

They’re financially stable

When you go out for dinner, he’s not going to pay with a handful of pennies. Older men have gone through that phase in their twenties and it’s over. Older men are employed, they’re making money – now the amount of money isn’t important but it shows you that they’re independent and earns their own living. Younger guys still rely on their parents for help and for women, they’re looking for someone who is sturdy on their own two feet.

They can please women

Whether it’s through conversation or sex, older men know how to please a woman. They know what makes a relationship important and what they need to do if they want it to work. Relationships are work at the end of the day, younger men seem to think they don’t need to put effort into it. Whereas older men know that nothing comes for free in this world.

Older men are looking for serious relationships

Sure, some older men are only looking to have fun, however, many older men are looking for partners. They realize how important it is to have someone by your side and to share life with. So, for many of them, they want to find someone who will be their friend and partner. If this is what they want, then this is perfect if you’re looking for a relationship.

They like the finer things in life

They want to enjoy life which means they want to eat the nice cheese and drink the high-quality wine. They know the importance of quality over quantity and they’ve decided to live their life by that idea. Now, this doesn’t mean they’re all living on yachts, but rather, that they appreciate things that provide them happiness without the day-after consequences. This can only come with age and experience – two things that older men have.

They’re hands-on in the kitchen

They’re not waiting for you to do everything, no way. They have years of experience behind them with cooking, so they want to be a part of the experience with you. They can cook a mean steak and their pasta? It’s delicious. They’re not looking for a maid, they’re looking for a partner. It’s a major turn on seeing men who are active within the home, rather than a man who sits and watches baseball every day, waiting for his beer.

They’re over the party life

Sure, they like going to parties like everyone else, however, they’re over the blasting music, drugs and fake people. When they go to parties, they make sure the DJ is amazing, the people are genuine and people aren’t vomiting everywhere from cheap wine. Remember, they already lived through that and now that they’re older, they’re not interested in going that road again.

They live healthy lives
They’re older, so they’ve experienced the whole “vomiting after drinking too much beer” phase that we all go through. However, younger guys are still experiencing that and for many women, it’s a turn-off. They want a guy who has his life together, not a guy who they have to carry home from a party. Older men tend to live healthier lives since they realize the importance of eating right and exercising. Plus, they also know that they’re closer to the end of the tunnel than younger guys.

He listens.

This is usually a huge issue with younger men, they don’t listen. They think nodding their heads or saying “yeah” will do the trick, but it doesn’t work. In reality, it actually breaks down the relationship because the woman feels neglected. This is where an older man comes in. He listens and he listens well. This is a huge thing if someone listens it shows that they genuinely care about you and how you’re feeling.

They know who they are
They’re not in their twenties anymore, getting drunk every weekend and sleeping around. They’re past that phase. They’re not doing one of those “finding yourself” trips to Bali or figuring out their major. By the time you reach your 30s, you have an idea of who you are and what your values are. In their 40s, they’re even more confident in themselves and who they are. This not only gives women a sense of security but it also is extremely sexy to be with someone who is secure with themselves.

Women date older men for practical reasons

Of course, women date older men for practical reasons as well. They’re stable, they’re financially secure and they did the phases of life that aren’t suitable for raising a family. While an older man has all his shit sorted out. He most likely has an apartment or house of his own and can pay the bills. Now, many women will say that this isn’t important, but, trust me, this is a subconscious thought. Security is very important for anyone whether you’re a woman or man.

They know how to have sex

Thank god someone does! They’re not virgins, in fact, they know very well how a female body works and what they need to do to turn her on. Now, of course, not all older men are tigers in the sack, but there’s a high chance that many of them are. Remember, they have experience and when I mean experience, I mean in the bedroom. And older guy knows what buttons to press and how to press them. Younger men are still figuring out what a clit is and they’re not as focused on living through the moment, but rather their attention is spent on when they’re going to cum. It’s not as sensual, that’s for sure.

They don’t pressure

Older men aren’t interested in pressuring you into having children or getting married. They’re cool with taking things slow and easy. They know what happens when you pressure someone – they run away. So, they’re not worried about making you do something, they know you’ll do it on your own time. Having pressure can make a lot of internal stress in someone, plus, it adds strain on the relationship. They know from experience how stress can affect a relationship.

He knows how to court a woman

He isn’t going to honk from his car to let you know he’s here to pick you up. Or text you to ask you out. Not at all. He’s going to call you or come to your door and ring the bell. He knows how to treat a woman. You may be thinking that courting is old school, but it’s not. Many women just haven’t been treated with this respect, so, our standards lower. However, manners are a huge turn on for women and older men know this and respect it.

He’s not scared to share emotions

So many men are too scared to talk about their emotions and how they’re feeling inside, however, older men aren’t scared. In fact, he wants to sit down with you and talk about how you’re feeling and what’s going on in your head and his head. Emotions are a simple part of any relationship and he knows how important they are if he wants this relationship to really work.

Now that you know why women date older men, next time an older guy approaches you, give him a chance. You never know what could come out of it.


  1. Not all young men are the same, but there are some who can understand better…. think the main reason is financial stability

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Please feel free to share more of your insights and experiences in the future. Have a great day, Leonard!


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