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10 Zumba Songs to Get You Pumped Up


What’s better than getting fit? Getting fit and having fun while you’re at it!

Zumba has become a huge craze among folks who are sick of plain old exercise. And we can’t blame them because Zumba is a form of exercise that requires you to get all pumped up as you dance each step. Of course, any dance-centered exercise needs great music to keep you pumped with energy, so we’ve compiled this list of Zumba tracks for your next session.

But first, a little history

Zumba was actually created by a Colombian dancer and cyclist named Alberto Perez. He created it in the 1990s as a new way to perform aerobics in the most fun way possible. The choreography of Zumba is a mix of different types of dances like hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, mereque, and mambo. It also incorporates squats and lunges. All these dances and steps target different muscle groups, making Zumba a full-body workout that feels more like a party than a workout.

There are also tons of different types of Zumba. There’s Zumba gold for beginners and older people; Zumba Toning, which targets the abs, thighs, and arms in a cardio and strength workout; Zumba Aqua, which is done in a shallow swimming pool; and the famous Zumba in the Circuit, which combines dance and circuit training.

All these types of Zumba are done with upbeat, rhythmic music to keep energy levels high. And of course, we’ve got the perfect playlist for that!

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

Let’s start off this list with a song about mixed signals. Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean marked his transition from being a teenybopper pop singer to an adult who can combine subtle groove and a catchy synth line to create a markedly mature yet ultra-catchy tune.

It’s the perfect Zumba song to dance to if you’re the type of person who wants to sweat out all your frustrations about your love life!

Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Oh man, if you want an ego boost along with your Zumba session, this is the perfect song for you. This infectious hit transformed into a worldwide monster party song that just makes you feel on top of the world. Combine the clever and outrageous lyrics with the adrenaline rush of a Zumba session, and you’ve got a surge of endorphins that will last for hours!

Walk the Moon – Work this Body

What better way to work your body than with a song that will tell you to do just that? Work this Body is an indie/alternative track that’s just upbeat and catchy enough to make it into your Zumba class. It’s literally a song about getting your body in shape, at least according to Walk the Moon vocalist Nicholas Petricca. He says the song is primarily about being brave enough to chase your dreams and go after what you really want.

Considering Walk the Moon’s discography is filled with songs designed to uplift you and get you in the groove, don’t be surprised if this song makes it to your next class!

Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

You’ll be singing this song too if you’re working on getting fit to make someone want you! I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) is an uptempo syncopated hip-hop song – perfect for pumped up Zumba moves. The Calle Ocho in the title of the song is a reference to a street in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

This song also launched Pitbull into international fame as one of his first chart-topping tracks. It’s no wonder too, because years after its release I Know You Watch Me (Calle Ocho) is still one of his most memorable songs!

Nelly Furtado – Maneater

Nelly Furtado changed her musical style and the song to mark this transformation is the one that Zumba lovers all over the world have danced to. Maneater was such a hot track that while it was being worked on by Furtado and co-writer Nate Hill, a speaker literally caught on fire, making them delay their progress.

As for the meaning of the song, it’s about a woman doing what it takes to become a maneater – the type of woman men would fall head over heels for. And if you’re in a Zumba class to become a maneater, then there’s no doubt you’ll want this song on your Zumba playlist.

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You (Latin Remix feat. Zion & Lennox)

Never thought you’d be dancing to an Ed Sheeran song while you’re working out? You’d be surprised how well this song matches the rhythm of Zumba dance moves! Shape of You’s original version was already admittedly a dancehall-indused pop song, but it’s this remix with Zion & Lennox that cemented its place in Zumba playlists.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (Zumba Remix)

Who’d have thought you’d be excited to dance to this classic 90s one-hit wonder? There are so many Zumba dancers out there who can still recall dancing to this infectious 90s track, so it just makes sense that Zumba itself would create a remix to incorporate it into their exercise. With its Queen-inspired baseline and hip-hop inspired beat, there’s no denying you’ll form a newfound love for this oldschool track!

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Here’s another oldschool track that will make you feel both energetic and nostalgic at the same time. Thriller is already known for its dance-friendly beat, so it’s no surprise that it’s fast becoming a staple in Zumba playlists. Admittedly, it’s not as fast-paced at the other songs on this list, but that only makes it a great song to play during downtime. You’ve still got the beat and the rhythm going, but it’s slow enough to allow you to rest for a bit while enjoying a classic Michael Jackson track.

Fifth Harmony – Worth It

We all need an empowering party track during every Zumba session, so why not make it the ultra-popular dance track Fifth Harmony? Worth It reinforces the idea that you’re “worth it,” and that you should never let any guy make you feel like you’re not. Its catchy intro also makes it the perfect warm up track to get you in the mood to start dancing!

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

To cap off this list, let’s include a song from T-Swift. The message of this song is simple: you can shake off all the bad things people say about you as you focus on becoming better instead of trying to please other people. Or you can also interpret this song as shaking off the pounds to reveal a fitter and stronger body. Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off has the perfect pop beat for getting warmed up or for cooling down, and it’s also a plus when you know the lyrics and can sing along!

Dance and groove to the rhythm with these energetic songs that will get you in the right groove. Whether you’re into Zumba to lose weight, to build strength, or just to have fun, keep these songs in mind for your next session. We’ve made sure to include a diverse set of songs to dance to, so we hope you enjoy each track we’ve put in this playlist!



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